Sometimes it Hurts to Heal

I know pain is not a good thing. Pain is defined as a highly unpleasant emotion associated with actual or potential tissue damage. However, there is a kind of pain that is good. Pain that has a purpose. I like to call it pain towards healing. I know you are wondering how something that even the dictionary considers as highly unpleasant can be termed as good. Stay with me, we’ll be on the same page in a moment.

Let me use a complicated yet simple analogy to explain why I think there exists a good kind of pain. There is a surgical procedure called exploratory laparotomy. The procedure is done by making an incision to open the patient’s abdomen (belly). Normally, when a patient with abdominal symptoms visits the doctor he/she will take history and perform physical examination. While doing this the doctor is supposed to visualize the patient’s anatomy and physiology in an attempt to come up with a working diagnosis and differentials. After this the doctor will order tests to either confirm their working diagnosis or rule out their differential diagnosis. Sometimes the process is not always as smooth and easy as I have explained. When all the clinical diagnositic methods have been used and it’s not clear what’s making the patient sick, exploratory laparotomy becomes an option. It can also be done  in emergency sistuations when  there is no time for tests.

The objective is to obtain information. It gives the doctor an opportunity to diagnose and treat the patient from the inside. The doctor makes the cut, goes in and explores to see if all the abdominal structures are in good shape. They may find dead tissue or adhesions from chronic infections, or blood or a tumor or a foreign body or sometimes they find nothing (Gross, I know right?). The first time I watched an Ex Lap it was on a 17-year-old boy and I felt like it was unnecessary surgery until I saw what they found. That is a story for another day.

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I have never been through major surgery but I know that recovering from surgery is painful and sometimes traumatizing. One is left with a scar to remind them of that occurrence. The pain after surgery and through recovery is what I’m calling good pain. It is good because at least this time the patient knows that what was making them sick has been removed. This kind of pain will not kill you. The doctor is no longer worried that your life is in danger. However excruciating the pain gets, the surgeon knows that you are on your way to recovery.

Sometimes this is how it is in our walk with God. In the process of becoming Christ like you have to let go of the old nature to embrace the new. Some are easy to let go but others are not. Sometimes God has to hurt you to remove what has been making your spirit sick. It could be something from your past that keeps you from having the nature of Christ. It could be some habitual sin or addiction that you have been unable to get rid of. It could be words that were spoken against you that have kept you from seeing yourself the way God sees you. It could be a wound from past emotional trauma. It is different things for different people. Sometimes God wants to make you a leader but there are some toxic traits He has to deal with first.

God exposes you so that He can deal with that weakness that keeps you from becoming. If you don’t allow God to deal with that weakness the devil will use it to torment you. This is why we need to keep yielding to the Holy Spirit. If in the process of walking with God you feel exposed do not hibernate or go into hiding. Be brave enough, sign the consent form and allow God to fix what has been making you sick. The pain you feel after that surgery is better than the pain you feel before. The pain you feel before comes with uncertainty. The pain after is towards healing.

Psalms 138:8 The Lord will perfect that which concerns me; Your mercy, O Lord, endures forever; Do not forsake the works of Your hands.

Allow the Lord to hurt you in order to heal you. When He is done you will be as good as new. He makes all things new.

7 thoughts on “Sometimes it Hurts to Heal

  1. My medical vocabulary list is populating!! Thank to you.

    I love the analogy and the understanding that there’s the good kind of pain…the pain that heals!

    Thanks you for sharing…


  2. Reblogged this on James Wetu and commented:
    This kind of pain will not kill you. The doctor is no longer worried that your life is in danger. However excruciating the pain gets, the surgeon knows that you are on your way to recovery.


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